Wood you be love

wood you be love

It is no secret that wood pallets can be repurposed into impressive furniture and decor, still this list will leave you wowed. It is amazing what people have created from these abundant, often discarded resources that can usually be found for free with little effort. Browse for inspiration, how to’s, and see what you can make of pallet wood! You met going up for the same parts and quickly became best friends. So were the same men preying on both of you? Let’s just say it this way: I know every single person that interfered with his life and he knew every person that interfered with mine. Were they studio heads, were they low-rent producers? I’m not able to name names.

In an in-depth interview with THR, the ‘Goonies’ and ‘Lost Boys’ star opens up about his late best friend Corey Haim’s rape by a man at age 11, the preteen parties where predators stalked and groomed their marks, and the “dark side” of his close pal Michael Jackson: “The man is gone. A recent interview with Elijah Wood has reignited the conversation on pedophilia in the entertainment business. But another former child actor — Corey Feldman, star of such iconic 1980s movies as The Goonies, Stand by Me and The Lost Boys — was not so lucky. E reality series The Two Coreys and his 2013 memoir, Coreyography, Feldman has detailed how he was preyed upon by men in the industry. His own experiences were not as nightmarish as what befell his Two Coreys co-star, the late Canadian actor Corey Haim. Speaking exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, Feldman, 44, opens up about missing Haim, addresses the “dark side” of pal Michael Jackson that led to their estrangement, and warns of the “growing, not shrinking” dangers of internet-era child predators in Hollywood, a place “where adults have more direct and inappropriate connection with children than probably anywhere else in the world. Your time as a child actor was a very damaging period, and those kinds of traumas stick with you for your entire life. What is your state of mind now? I’m a very balanced, very happy man. I enjoy my life, I’m very grateful for it, and I’m grateful for the elements around my life.

I have a great child and I have a great girlfriend, a nice house, a nice car and a good career. But I had to go through a lot of therapy and group therapy and rehabilitation and all sorts of things to be put on this ground that I’m on now. A lot of this played out on your show, The Two Coreys. We know that Corey Haim obviously had a very tragic end, and it sounds like he had a lot harder time with child predators as he became a star. He had more direct abuse than I did. With me, there were some molestations, and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11. My son is 11 now, and I can’t even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening to him. It would destroy his whole being.

People are frustrated, people are angry, they want to know how is this happening, and they want answers — and they turn to me and they say, “Why don’t you be a man and stand up and name names and stop hiding and being a coward? I have to deal with that, which is not pleasant, especially given the fact that I would love to name names. I’d love to be the first to do it. A judge ruled today that Bill Cosby will stand trial for sexual assault charges. Many of these women that have come out against him have been past the statute of limitations. But they’re not all past the statute of limitations, because other states don’t have the same statutes. So supposed crimes took place in various states over great lengths of time.

Some would still fall within the statute, obviously, that’s how they are able to start charges against him. If somebody came forward with a suit against one of these people , I would certainly be more than happy to back them up. Are these people still working in Hollywood? He’s still prominently in the business today. And have you ever confronted him yourself or run into him? We’ve run into each other many times but no, I’ve never confronted him. Do you think this problem — adult males in the entertainment industry preying on young boys behind closed doors — still persists to the same extent in the current age of Instagram and Twitter, with everything being so much more open? It’s more now than ever because nowadays you can use the internet to create fake profiles and fake accounts. They reach out to little kids on Twitter, they reach out to little kids on Facebook, and they say, “I’m a big producer and I can help you. With social media we have more access than ever to everybody.

wood you be love

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