What it takes to love god

Yet through a spiritual miracle you can gain personal insight into the incomprehensible. I can easily believe that the atom-holding, earth-spinning, galaxy-sustaining, life-giving Source of everything wonderful can do whatever he likes. Few of us doubt that God can do amazing things. Would you like to receive prayer? Would you like to write to the author? What Does It Mean to Really Love God? Golden leaves, pumpkins, haystacks and apples give me warm fuzzies. Every year I decorate our home for Fall as soon as Labor Day is over.

Out pop my orange and black pumpkin slippers. Things like pumpkin spice coffee appear on my shopping list without a second thought. In the midst of my little Fall utopia, I had a deep, scary thought last week: What if I don’t really love God? After all, my first Pinterest board was dedicated to fall recipes, not to God. I don’t have slippers with crosses, and I currently have far more pumpkins in my house than decorative reminders of faith. Is it possible that I’m more passionate about something as simple as Fall than I am about God? If there is anything I learned from years of childhood Sunday School, it was that I’m supposed to love God. I don’t recall anyone ever explaining what it would mean, however, to love a Being whom I can’t experience like anything or anyone else on earth.

I, like most people, was therefore left to apply my earthly understanding of love to how I should relate to God. When we love earthly things or other humans, that love is primarily based on intensity of feeling. I will humbly admit that I don’t always feel intensely about God. In fact, in times when I’m feeling particularly mild about God, I start having doubts. I assume those dampened feelings point to a problem with God even though it is only my feelings that change, not Him. But is that what love for God is all about? I had to do a little Bible study on the topic. Matthew 22:37-39 is a cornerstone verse for understanding the nature and importance of loving God. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment.

To agapao something means to completely give ourselves over to it. It’s about what you’re committed to. It’s about what comes first in your life. It makes a monumental difference in how we understand our calling to love God. The Bible makes it explicitly clear that we can agapao things other than God and that in doing so we are working against His desires for us. Doing God’s will by committing our whole lives to Him is far more difficult. But feeling love without exhibiting commitment is meaningless. How critical that our kids understand what loving God is really about! It’s choosing to be committed when circumstances make it tough.

It’s choosing to be committed without every question being answered. It’s choosing to be committed even when we don’t feel like it, because love for God is about much more than nice feelings. What does it mean to love God? How can we know if we love God? How does God know if we love Him? If they are old enough, you can get into the discussion of Greek words. Have you ever wondered if you really love God? To love someone is to care about their spiritual growth.

what it takes to love god

what it takes to love god