Twin shadow not in love

twin shadow not in love

TV-Series, YIFY YTS Movies Torrent and Music videos. Subtitles in english, arabic, indonesia language and any popular languages for your favourite. The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. Place your Vincent Motorcycle Ad here! Please include the words “classified ad” on the subject line of your e-mail. Remember, not all people will have e-mail to contact you,  so a phone number is always to your advantage. We recommend only a phone number for the first 2 weeks and then adding an e-mail address if your item has not sold in that time. This strategy will reduce spam from Nigerians.

Including a basic price avoids wasted effort on the part of the buyer and the seller. E-mail for details and fee for this option. Please advise when your item is sold to enable ad removal, and refer to other sites if your item is not directly related to Vincent motorcycles. If you wish to donate, we will accept Vin parts or money if you use the site and are successful in selling your parts or Vincent. Donated Commission Policy at end of this page. FOR SALE – 1952 Vincent Rapide . New barrels, 9-1 pistons, Shadow carbs rebuilt by Lund.

Alton 12v alternator, dual points,  condensers and coils. SOLD -1948 Series B Rapide . Full mechanical restoration by Mike White less than 2000 miles ago. Maintenance manuals, spare parts, parts invoices. Mods include BTH magnito, lightning style clutch. Original amal style carbs, can throw in some monoblocks. Has oversize saddle, standard one is available. Would prefer the buyer visit the bike to insure it is really what you’re looking for . UK MOT from new, motor and RFM match, UFM does not, clear title. Motor has been fully rebuilt, NOS standard bore cylinder, piston and rings, rebuilt crank, new valves, guides, lifters, retainers and misc hardware.

Alloy rims, stainless spokes, stock carburetor and electrics, plus a few assorted spares and many books. Restored and rebuilt about 15 years ago, then placed in storage. Currently on lift getting full service to run. Shadow 5″ speedometer and high flanged aluminum rims. For Sale:  1950 Vincent Black Shadow. Imported to the States from England in 2003. Alton 12v alternator conversion, rebuilt speedometer, several spare parts. Bike is in El Paso, TX. Front brake hubs have four-leadingshoe internals. Engine has been fully overhauled by Prince with modern carbs, MK2 cams, 7.

5cr pistons, Pazon ignition, 12 v electrics, V3 clutch, etc. Rapide currently located in Southern California, can be shipped anywhere. I have owned this bike since 1988. Not a trailer princess, but a good bike to ride and enjoy. Bike is in Rhode Island . When they are gone there will be no more, so do not dither around! Vincent Parts: Haig Altounian has two Comet chainguards along with . He also has a tap and adjustable die so that custom fitting can be made. Inquire for details if you are interested. Haig is still working on Vincents at the garage in Culver City, California.

twin shadow not in love

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