Tunnel to love

Stay informed – subscribe to our newsletter. Until you hear it that is. It’s quintessential Dire Straits, with Knopfler’s incredible, Bruce Springsteen-rivalling gift for melody and insistence. A music video was filmed, with the images on the screen matching Mark’s lyrics. This helped it jump to number 54 in the UK Singles Charts. Knopfler pads the trad out with a warm solo that Rolling Stone praised at the time. The reason for multiple writers is the intro instrumental, which is sampled from the musical Carousel. The disadvantages of the campgrounds are that you need a tent or RV.

It’s a down-hill walk, so the walk back may be fairly aerobic. Banff Townsite and connections via transfer to most of the tourist attractions. For details of other fares, discounts, routes, schedules, and route maps see Banff Public Transit Buses. When you arrive at Trailer Court or Mountain Village 2, a loop approach provides ample room for a line of RVs at the entrance kiosk. At peak times, rangers help direct traffic. When you reach the kiosk you will be assigned a campsite and pay any fees owed. To your right is the Trailer Court. A forested slope has long terraces cut into it and most of the campsites are located in loops off the straight terraced roads.

The loops are staggered on each terrace which gives a sense of forested privacy to each pull out. Half of these are pull through’s, no backing required. To your left is Village 2. This is mainly a paved and grassy flat area. The campsites are the same size as the Trailer Court, but are more crowded upon each other. Still there is a general feeling of openness because of the lack of forrest. Facilities: Washroom buildings with flush toilets and showers. Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court was the first place we stayed in Banff and it has formed our home base for every trip since. Sure, we have stayed in beautiful campgrounds in Jasper and other Canadian Rocky Mountain locations. But the Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court is our Banff home, not only because of the good memories, but because no campfires are allowed — the smoke can sometimes trigger a migraine in Jerry, which tends to put a damper on a vacation.

An elk greeted us the first morning we were in camp. We opened the door and through the screen just to the left of the picnic table an elk was having its breakfast. We were excited, but not nearly as excited as our cat Snickers, who truly did not know what to make of these large critters. Soon she learned to ignore the large critters and only get excited when she saw one about her size. An elk sighting the next year was even more interesting. A woman in the terrace below us was reading a book under her trailer canopy. An elk came grazing about 10 feet from her and continued grazing for about 20 minutes.

With her back to the elk, she never saw it. We debated whether to call down to her about her friend but decided not to in case she had a weak heart. The elks enemy, the wolf, is quite shy and rarely comes into the city limits. The elk, not being dumb, spend a lot of time in the city limits and you will see them in quite surprising places. Paved pull-thrust, 20 x 60 feet. Dump station, firewood, and public telephones. Interpretive Program: Says No, but shares Trailer Court program. The red tour bus in the foreground of this view of Tunnel Mountain Village 2 is quite unusual. The front upper deck is like a conventional bus with good sight-seeing windows. To the rear are sleeping compartments that provide a place to sleep horizontally.

tunnel to love

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