Sting love somebody

sting love somebody

Sting has recently released a box set celebrating his entire career as a solo artist. Sting: 25 Years, contains three CDs, totalling 45 tracks, from his 1985 debut album, The Dream Of The Blue Turtles, to his latest release, Live in Berlin. A fourth disc is a previously unreleased live concert DVD and the whole thing is packaged in a well designed hardcover book. Unfortunately, those looking for a satisfying mix of rarities and hits, will be disappointed, since it fails miserably on the former. However, it certainly does deliver the hits.

In fact, this set is effectively a three disc greatest hits collection. Everything has been remastered with Sting’s full participation, but new to this box are remixed versions of many of the early tracks, including five from The Dream Of The Blue Turtles and We’ll Be Together from Nothing Like The Sun. The Blue Turtles tracks are noticeably different with a much dryer mix, particularly on the drums. Sting has obviously been dissatisfied with the mixes on the first album for a while now. Hugh Padgham Remix’ of Fortress Around Your Heart on the UK CD single of When We Dance back in 1994, for instance. Scott Hull is primarily responsible for the remixing and remastering, and there is an interesting interview with him about this project at The Masterdisk Record website. 75 this certainly does not rank too highly on the value-for-money stakes. In fact the US even get a 1-CD version, which somehow manages to take you from If You Love Somebody Set Them Free to Fields Of Gold in six tracks!

Sting 25 Years 4 disc box set is out now, and can be ordered by clicking here. 03 Why Should I Cry For You? Why Should I Cry For You? This is a Limited edition box set that is why they are that price. Surely a misprint on the price. A comedian would be proud of a joke THAT funny! Click to grab this great deal!

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sting love somebody