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Meetings can be one of the biggest time drains for you as an individual and for a business. I don’t know about you, but a one hour meeting with only 15 minutes wasted is actually a pretty good meeting, in my experience. Here are some ways you can facilitate more effective meetings and hopefully get more done in less time. Often people come late because they know the meeting isn’t going to start on time, anyway. If you wait for everyone, then you make it likely that people will come late to the next meeting. Email everyone to remind them a few minutes before the meeting starts. Call or run by the office of people you know are often late. Go ahead and start the meeting without everyone.

When someone comes in late, ask that they catch up with someone else in the group to find out what they missed. Hold the meeting somewhere that being late will make them look bad or at least be more noticeable. Ask people to come on time. Depending on your role, this might be as simple as making a request, or a bit more strict, like pointing out that they are being rude to everyone else who came on time. You can find creative ways to help encourage people to come on time, as well. Once I was having problems with a particular individual who always showed up late for our meetings. At one meeting, he was late again. I took everyone that was there down to the cafe, bought everyone a drink and we continued our meeting there. The late individual came in and didn’t know where everyone was.

The next time, he showed up on time. This makes it easy for you to identify things that are starting to drag on longer than they should. Use the agenda to make sure you stay on track. This doesn’t mean you can never discuss something that isn’t on the agenda, but the agenda helps tell you where you should pick back up if you get side-tracked. Give people the agenda ahead of time. For short meetings, it is probably best to have it in the body of an email. If you send it as an attachment, there is a good chance people won’t read it before the meeting. If you have it in the body, they will probably at least skim it. At the very least, you want to get the meeting agenda into their subconscious mind before they show up. Having an agenda also helps show that you are organized and have a plan.

It sets the expectation that your meeting isn’t going to be a waste of time. It helps put the meeting in the right perspective and makes it carry a more valuable perception. On the other hand you can’t have an effective meeting if you don’t have the right people there. If you are talking about something that needs to be approved by a number of people, it may be good to have meeting with a small group of people to hash out the ideas and recommendations for the decision makers to look at. The number of people in a meeting is tricky. You want to avail yourself of everyone’s talent, but you don’t want to have a bunch of dead weight, either. Sometimes you will need to invite someone so they feel important. You can potentially make them feel important without inviting them by scheduling the meeting for a time when they have another meeting scheduled.