Rant a love

rant a love

Lil Yachty films his own version of Soulja Boy’s rant. Lil Boat is admittedly a fan of Soulja Boy. He has listed the “Crank Dat” artist as an influence in the past but this opportunity was too good to pass on. The “One Night” rapper got up close to the camera and yelled, “Tyga! He then goes on to jokingly act as Big Soulja, echoing that he had the biggest comeback of the entire year. This trend looks like it’ll continue as Soulja has effectively made himself into a meme. Who did your favorite impression so far? Tell me about Hot New Hip Hop news. Throw away your cookbooks – and please don’t try this at home!

1st Golden Age of English cookery. Heston decides this is his opportunity to recapture lost greatness by making three dishes that would make Henry VIII “proud to be an Englishman”. For once I like everyone in this picture. His father currently resides in Trinidad, and has done some time. His mother lives in his native Leeds. Zane has mentioned on many occasions that while he was growing up, he, his mother and his brother lived in the upstairs of the house while their cats lived downstairs. Kelvin who says “I dislike intensely the combination of alcohol and sweetness”. Well, you’re no fun at Christmas. Of course, the church banned meat for 70 or so days a year, so the Tudors stretched the definition of fish to include frog. In Heston’s case, big motherloving, still-breathing frogs from New York’s Chinatown.

Jo Ng decapitates, skins, boils, blends and strains the creatures to create a monstrous almondy smoothie. What a waste of frog meat” says Heston, and having tasted Jo’s battered frogs’ legs, he also decides to make some froggy dippers. To serve, he pours his frog stock blancmange into a water lily bowl perched on a lily pond nestling inside a hollow log, tops it with violets, rosewater and pomegranate and adds the frog leg dunkers. Tis a veritable hit with all except, yes, Kelvin who says “I preferred the plate”. Heston wants to live up to this culinary bling by creating a Mythical Beast – another Tudor fancy where they served up various animals that had been bolted together. The deed is done, and the pigtail is even re-attached to the chicken’s bum by the smiling surgeon who I really feel should be correcting harelips somewhere else. Though it tastes great and looks magnificent, Heston is disappointed – he wants to create “the daddy of all meat monsters”.

His team fry up some python, crocodile, kangaroo and zebra. Finally Heston decides a monstrous, feathery, furry façade stuffed with traditional meats will fit the bill best. Sophie EB squeals “A spliced beast! Rayner looks unsure, Zane declares “It looks like a swan has died bumming a boar”. They all don safety goggles and a fuse is lit, so the whole thing goes WHOOMPH! They love it – this time even Mackenzie’s impressed. How will Heston top this – and how will his harshest critic react to a pudding that’s not a pudding? I throw up a little when he indeed uses condoms to shape his rice pudding wieners. And of course now they look like real sausages, so he decides to caramelise them and serve them with banana and apple mash, and fennel and syrup gravy. As Zane puts it, they’ve all gone “food mad”.

All photos belong to Channel 4! It makes fascinating telly, but I am a little disturbed with the way Heston’s eccentricities are so willingly indulged. My mum always told me not to play with my food. He seems like a little boy who doesn’t know when to stop. I think you should have raved against the Frog Murder! Anonymous – yeah, it was grosser than anything else, wasn’t it? Thihs sis the greatest blog ever. Thanks for taking the time to comment! You may not copy or otherwise reproduce any material without prior written permission.