My girl my love is his girl

my girl my love is his girl

She’s nearly unconscious on the train and vomits on an older guy. She then leans over to Gyun-Woo and everybody assumes she is his girlfriend! One of the scenes shown during the sequence when Gyeon-Woo is reading The Girl’s letter shows The Girl in the coffee shop touching her ex-boyfriend’s hand and is shown ordering a soda. Throughout the film, whenever Gyeon-Woo tries to order soda, the Girl changes it to coffee. The owner of the motel, where Gyeon-Woo and the Girl stay at twice, also is a subway operator and the gang leader that Gyeon-Woo encounters in prison.

News of their birth is shown in a news article hanging at the door of the motel. The transvestite girl Gyeon-Woo meets when he and The Girl are broken up appears earlier in the film, sitting next to The Girl on the subway scene where The Girl brings the forgotten package to the grandmother. In the scene where the Girl meets the old man at the tree-top time-capsule, viewers can see a small UFO fly away as the scene ends. Seriously, those situations are not funny anymore, they are just boring and juvenile. I love the way there’s some certain music keeps going on through out the movie that keeps the cozy and breezy mood. Everything about Jun ji hyu is always overrated. I still don’t understand why it is popular.

Well, i guess that was the time Koreans had no movie sense. Joo Won is the lead actor in the upcoming My Sassy Girl drama version and its not like the movie because it’s going to be a saeguk. Oppa’s last drama before he goes to military. The story telling is bit complex to enjoy bt again wonderful work. The worst remake again made this more popular. I am planing to make a short film abt an incident in that movie which every one wants to see nt that they dnt knw it bt deep inside its wispering it feels good if we see what happened to the first boy friend. So honestly they can go somewhere else with their immature childish ways. I swear it’S always some little teenager or something ruining everything thinking they know best. THERE ISN’T EVEN A DAMN TRAILER OUT SO HOW WOULD YOU EVEN KNOW IF ITS GOOD OR NOT? There is nothing funny or magical about domestic violence no matter who’s doing the hitting.

I am a huge fan of korean movies. They created movies which are very much realistic. The main problem with hollywood movies is that it lack emotion. I never seen any hollywood movies where the actors cry or love feel genuine. I am agreeing that some of the indian movies are over expressive. Memories of murder- its the main reason I begin to love korean movies. Wat a fantastic movie it is.

After watching this movie I searched a lot on net to find out which is the best korean movie. Then I started to download many movies. I watch A moment to remember, oldboy, brotherhood of war, I saw the devil. If I classify best romantic movies ever made in world movies My sassy girl and A moment to remember willbe in top list. I’ve seen like over 80 korean movies so far and this really is one of the best. The story has so much depths and the twist is so mind-boggling and beautiful at the same time. It’s funny and romantic, and emotional towards the end. The story isn’t exactly linear but it also doesn’t mean that it’s complex. I cried, and laughed in tell my head hurt that’s how good it was. If you have not seen the movie yet you MUST!