Love story 2006

love story 2006

You are now on the desktop site. Oasis – D’You Know What I Mean? Who Put the Weight of the World On My Shoulders? Who Will Perform At The 2019 Grammy Awards? Know the lyrics to any of these songs? If so – or if you notice any other song that’s missing – be the first to submit them! Karan Malhotra is a spirited and happy-go-lucky boy who does not follow the rules. Sana is the opposite of Karan: a sweet and shy girl who lives life by the rules.

Even though they are completely opposite, they fall in love, leading to a magical love story. Yatinder Khanna, has dedicated 15 years of his life to building a time machine. Sana expresses a wish to time-travel to Mumbai in the year 2050, but she is killed in an accident before her marriage to Karan. Karan wishes to travel back in time and find Sana. Yatinder, Karan, and Sana’s siblings, Rahul and Thea, travel forward in time and reach Mumbai in 2050. Twists and turns lead to the introduction of Ziesha, the reincarnation of Sana. Ziesha is a popular singer in 2050 who does not remember her past life, but gets flashbacks of it after meeting Karan. Unlike Sana, Ziesha is an arrogant, headstrong and rebellious girl who does not believe in love.

She leads a lonely life after the death of her parents, which has embittered her. Karan and the others find themselves under the threat of the demi-god, Dr. After Karan tells Ziesha he loves her, he is taken away from her by the guards. Ziesha does not believe him when he tells her about his time travel. However, after reading Sana’s diary, Ziesha ultimately remembers her past life. Karan returns to her and she declares her love for him and tells him she is Sana. Initially, when Love Story 2050 was announced in 2004, Kareena Kapoor had signed on to play Priyanka’s role, for which she was reportedly paid Rs. Kapoor later opted out in 2006 saying she had some date problems and was replaced by Chopra.

The special effects were executed by four international firms. Lead actress Priyanka Chopra played a double role so she coloured her hair twice: once red to portray the girl from future and then again black. The red-haired look is inspired from Harman Baweja’s sister Rowena Baweja’s painting which portrays woman of today and tomorrow. The first trailer of the film was shown on 21 March 2008 at the premiere of Race. Taran Adarsh of Indiatimes called Harman the new flavour of the season and someone who will have a long stay in Bollywood. In reference to Harman Baweja, Sen said “He cannot act. He does not have screen presence”.

It was a critical failure with many adding it on their worst movies lists as well as Priyanka and Harman’s “worst film” lists. Professor Shiju Sam Varughese, Coordinator of the Centre for Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy at the Central University of Gujarat, did offer that the film’s utopian version of Mumbai helps “understand the cultural anxieties about India‚Äôs neoliberal future”. The film was released on 725 cinemas including 350 digital cinemas. The film crashed all around in week two, thus an average in India and overseas. Harry Baweja has plans to release the movie on DVD and has sold the DVD rights for a huge price. The DVD pack will include videos on the making of Love Story 2050 and its special effects. Rocking Pixels in co-ordination with undisclosed USA-based firms is developing a game based on the film. This concept follows other Bollywood-based video games such as Dhoom 2 and Ghajini. This section needs additional citations for verification.