Love republic работа

love republic работа

Our ladies receive special privileges, bonuses and treatment! Join our growing community of sexy people! Virtual sex online and real action! Find a new sexy friends and a naughty lovers right now! I thought I knew what I was going to do with the Kentucky flag, but I changed my mind. It’s been so long that since I started that particular piece that I’ve moved on. This whole Creative Director thing sure can take up one’s spare time. Lincoln is going to have to suffice with one flag and a design that I’m most likely going to come back at the end of this deal to revise significantly. I do try to limit myself to an hour or so of actual design time.

To understand the craziness that is the Kentucky state flag, one must first understand the lunacy of the Kentucky state seal. Two friends embracing, with the name of the state over their heads and around about the following motto: United we stand, divided we fall. The friends are shown in everything from suits to Roman togas. Their greeting becomes anything from the modern handshake to a hug. It’s Kentucky lore that some die-makers took creative liberty with the poses to demonstrate their penchant for Kentucky bourbon and being drunk enough to actually get along. It’s a common belief that the pioneer represents Daniel Boone, and the gentleman, Henry Clay, the state’s most visible politician, but this is not true. The friends represent all manner of country and urban folks. You can point this out next time you’re traveling through Frankfurt and your know-it-all friend tells you otherwise. You’ll show him a thing or two. That’s that for the Kentucky state seal.

The flag is merely the state seal, set on a blue, but as we just read it wasn’t until 1962 that it became useful or accurate for a flag. Interestingly enough, in 1920 a committee from Camp Zachary decided they didn’t like the flag and offered up several suggestions for its improvement. In typical state flag history form, those revisions were lost along their journey to the Governor. It was law between 1962 and 1998 that the flagpole used to hoist the state flag must have a Kentucky Cardinal at its head. In ’98, that law was changed merely to be a recommendation. The flag’s proportion is much longer than other state flags, but we’ll be having none of that mess. Note: Kentucky is technically a commonwealth much like my former homes of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Add to that mix, Massachusetts to complete the full list of Commonwealths in the US. Constitutionally speaking they are the same thing. PA, VA and MA were some of the most revolutionary states during the American Revolution, and they wanted to signify a difference in their intended government. There’s not much else to know about the Kentucky state flag, other than to see it. If you closed your eyes and imagined the average US state flag, well, this is probably what you would see. I just couldn’t get it right. And the longer I took with it, the less it seemed like a true symbol for the state. A good reference, but not an obvious, “That’s the gosh-darn Kentucky state flag, right there!

So, I started to reflect about my drives through the Kentucky countryside, the farms, the connection to horse racing and the obvious idea of Kentucky bluegrass  came to my mind. Maybe it’s a cliche, but it also seamlessly fits into a more flag-looking flag than the previous state’s design and so I set the timer and got to work. Truthfully, this flag took all of about ten minutes to design from start to finish and I’m okay admitting that, because I think it works. But it has buds that in the right light appear to have a bluish hue, but that’s only if you let it grow to its full height of two to three feet. I’m sure there are variations that have been grown with different characteristics, but this is the short truth of things. I’m sure there are also a slew of Kentuckians who will help me fill out the background in the comments too. Simply a field of Kentucky bluegrass, equal to the height of the sky above the fence, set in simple white shapes. About as elegant as you get and quite appropriate I think. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog.

love republic работа