Knowing i love you song

knowing i love you song

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Where strings of words can redefine each letter. A touch, a sigh, a glance tells them you really understand. How enlightened, truly wise, are the people of today? Is me first, just a fashion or is it here to stay? Sympathy, Empathy and love can help us banish all the hurt. See for real the endless worry on a deeply saddened face. Perceive the need and if we can, help them find their place. Disguising hurt and pain so through the veil they see the new hope. We need to relearn how to just sit still, wind down, relax.

See the beauty that surrounds us. See that life can be amazing without time consuming technology. Force myself to face the facts. To change my life with every hour. Not receiving I heard someone tell. I wanna be the motorbike in a traffic jam. I wanna listen to my music without turning the sound down. I wanna right the wrongs when they need to be righted.

I wanna be the one who deserves to be knighted. I wanna be allowed just sometimes to be bad. I wanna win something because I never do. I wanna make my own decisions just because I can. I wanna stay in control when things get out of hand. I wanna be the one who gets the extra slice of cake. I wanna be the youngest for just one day. Wanna be supported when I try to keep us strong.

I wanna work it like a pro and be the greatest artist. I wanna always succeed in everything I try. I wanna be allowed to be proud of being me. I wanna learn from my mistakes but never make any. When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman” is an internationally successful single by Dr. It was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Alabama. Written by Even Stevens, who followed producer Ron Haffkine into the studio bathroom to pitch him the song. When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman” first appeared on the band’s 1978 album Pleasure and Pain. When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman”. Top 100 1979 – UK Music Charts”.

knowing i love you song