I never find another love like mine

Aurora Suominen’s gorgeous Never Ending Love Square. I found this square easy to work up and  I love how mine turned out. I can see myself making a few more of these! If this is the first you’ve heard of this CAL, please have a look at THIS POST. It contains all the information and links for the crochet-along. I have done, your finished square will be about 7. This square, like the Eight Pointed Flower from Week 7 and the Cocoa Puff from Week 8, comes out smaller than the rest so far. I suggest starting with a standing double crochet instead of the initial ch-3? That way you won’t have to sl st your way to the corner AND you won’t have to worry about changing colours seamlessly. If you are not familiar with the standing double crochet, see this excellent tutorial by Tamara from Moogly. CORNER Into the ch-2 space:  2 x dc, ch 2, 2 x dc.

Insert your hook from front to back and then from back to front around the post of the next stitch. Yarn over and pull up a loop. As you can see, the front post double crochet is just a regular old double crochet worked around the post of the stitch, instead of into the loops at the top of the stitch. See this quick video tutorial if you need some help. Pull the stitch on your hook up a bit so that it forms a loop and then drop this loop. Note:  those of you who are familiar with the popcorn stitch will know that the popcorn stitch usually ends with a chain 1 after pulling the dropped loop through. For this pattern the designer has chosen to omit this chain stitch. Each round is joined by making a sl st into the top of the initial ch-3.

This is not stipulated in each round. If you are going to start your rounds with a standing double crochet, you should join to the top of the standing double crochet. Stitch counts have not been supplied, so I have added them here. Please Note:  The yarn used in most of the tutorial photos is Drops Paris Cotton. Corrections Round 2:  The Repeat has been omitted. Repeat around, omitting the last corner. Join to the top of the initial ch-3 with a sl st. Never Ending Love Square Photo Tutorial Like I have already mentioned, you can find the pattern HERE.

Although this photo tutorial covers some rounds in full, this photo-walkthrough is NOT the actual pattern and should not be used instead of the pattern, but rather in conjunction with it. Thank you very much to Aurora Suominen for giving us permission to do this photo-tutorial for her Never Ending Love Square. And a special thank you to Kimberly Slifer for letting me do these tutorials and for obtaining the necessary permission. Round 1 You can start this round with a magic ring instead of the initial ch-4. Dc x 15 into the ring and pull the ring tight. If you are not familiar with working into a magic ring, this video tutorial from The Crochet Crowd is very good. Please remember, when working into a magic ring you HAVE to work away your initial tail very well. Round 2 See the corrections above. I have used new yarn and a standing double crochet, but if you are going to use the same yarn and a ch-3 start, remember to look at the instructions for making a beg corner above. Make sure that you make the first dc in the top of the next dc, which will be slightly hidden behind the Fpdc you just made.

Stitch count:  44 st’s and 4 ch-2 spaces. Round 4 In this round, and subsequent rounds, it is easy to accidentally skip the first stitch after the corner. See this tutorial about corners and the elusive hidden stitch if you need a bit of help identifying the first stitch to work into after making a corner. Fpdc around the post of the fpdc in the previous round. Dc in the next 2 st’s. Here is a peek of my square at the end of Round 4. See the glare on the colours? And now it sounds like a baby rattle when I shake it and it has a bit of trouble focussing and adjusting brightness.

i never find another love like mine