I love programing

i love programing

This season embodies an entirely different energy. It’s a time to get up, get moving and get outside. Pandora NOW: the first original music experience that’s exclusive to both SiriusXM subscribers and Pandora listeners: all 100 million of them! Waking up isn’t easy, but now it can be a little more fun. By Roger Lynch, CEO at Pandora At Pandora, we know music education has the power to change kids’ lives in meaningful and lasting ways. Today, we’re introducing Pandora Modes, a new feature allowing both free and premium users across all tiers of service to customize their listening experience on their favorite Pandora stations for how they want to listen now. Women shine bright whether they’re center stage or behind the scenes.

Who’s Most Likely To Listen To Love Songs? Pandora and SiriusXM have officially joined together to create the world’s largest audio entertainment company. Pandora and the Music Genome Project are registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. Lexington, Kentucky for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Programming at Central Christian is based on three key principles for a well-rounded early-life experience: Learning, Playing, Exploring. The key to providing trusted care and excellent programming is our commitment to provide best-in-class child to teacher ratios as well as a dynamic programing where the children will learn and grow. During their tenure at CCCDC, your child will become successful in gaining a self-identity that will stay with them long after they leave CCCDC. Jacinta Peake, has been with CCCCC since 2010.

She has her degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Elementary Education and a CDA from Morehead State. Jacinta has been a teacher assistant in Preschool, Pre-K 1 , and lead teacher in Pre-K 2. She was the Afternoon Program Manager before taking over as Director in July 2018. The teachers at CCCDC are experienced in educating young children, some with degrees in Early Childhood Education, Applied Child Development and Early Elementary Education. 10-20 years, which provides your child with consistency while at the center. All teachers are required to pass a criminal background check upon employment as well as a child abuse and neglect report. First Aide and will have 15 hours training in Child Development each year they are on staff.

Hot lunches introduce the children to balanced meals as part of our commitment to health and wellness at every age. Our kitchen manager has been with the program since August 1989, the day we opened. She keeps up to date with all state guidelines and recommendations in order to provide balanced meals that offer healthy choices for the children. The outdoor playground will allow large motor play two times per day for each classroom. There is a full-sized gymnasium that is available for independent and instructor-led play. The gymnasium allows for all children to engage in large motor play every day, including days of inclement weather, whether it be too hot or too cold. CCCDC classrooms are full size and offer a variety of learning experiences based on the developmental levels of the children enrolled in the class. Curriculum is developed around the ages of the children in the class and is designed to promote self-learning and exploration of their environment. CCCDC is equipped with 3 restrooms specifically designed to fit child-sized needs.

The small toilets and lowered handwashing sinks allow the children to become independent in their bathroom skills. My kids are smart and I have no doubt that it’s because they have been in this education environment since birth. They love to learn, read, sing and dance. My son will start KG in the Fall and I know he will make that transition easy because he has learned so much at Central Christian. It’s just incredible to watch her come home and know new words or be able to do something she couldn’t do just the day before! I just didn’t see that in her previous childcare. The daily schedule works really well with my daughter. I do like that a lot of the teachers have specialized degrees related to either childcare or education.