I love my beautiful girl

The couple won’t live in the same room. In the end, they actually will anyway. Why be shy when you’re going to date anyways? That is quite something if you ask me. However, there is one bizarre contract between two couples. Lee dha hae love you and all credits goes to her. Thanks for being so cute and beauty. I watch it again and again. This introduced me to the kdrama world! CP step for step, especially backed by one of the best performances ever by an actress ,on TV or on screen. I am sad that it was in 2005 they have made it. I don’t know why I don’t really feel most of them like how I felt when I watched My girl,Full House and My love from another star.

Most of the other kdramas I am in a hurry to end watching and go for a new one. I’ve watched countless K-dramas in my life and this rom-com drama is still No-1 in my heart! It’s so hilarious and cute yet romantic. I can even feel the love between them. It helps that the drama is short and cute and sweet, and well rounded. Only complaint is I wish there was an epilogue or a longer happy ending. I felt every emotion, feeling going through my body. The only thing that I would loved was to see more happiness for them after all they went thru at the end and to see the secretary together with the cute model guy. With great chemistry between the lead characters, a plot that will make you laugh and cry, music so catchy, great choreography and direction, all from the extremely talented director that brought you “Boys over Flowers”, Jeon Ki-Sang. My Girl” catapulted all three acting careers of Lee Da Hae, Lee Jung Gi, Lee Dong Wook and rightfully so, they really acted their hearts out here.

Man, you just can’t help but fall in love with Lee Da Hae’s portrayal of Yoo Rin. It was also my first time watching Lee Jung Gi, wow, he is the ultimate kkotminam. My only criticism lies with Park Si Yeon, both her meek acting and weak character she was given when she could’ve done so much more. Still such a memorable series and right up there with the KDrama greats. Oh and some of the best kissing scenes ever from both leads equally in a Kdrama, not stiff and awkward but filled with passion and tenderness. Why can’t every drama kiss be like this? Love the character, Joo yurin and Seol Gongchan, and now I still listen to all the songs that existed in my girl.

Made me laugh made me cry! Watched it in 2015 and it was amazing! The storyline, the chemistry between the leads and the overall casts, I LOVE EVERYTHING about this drama. I’m always reminded of this drama whenever December comes. It’s really strange and i don’t really know why. Just feel that this drama will be in my core memory forever. I cherish every moment with this drama. I found that it was 2005 drama I was really shocked bcoz when I was 6 it has been aired now I am 16,i am so sad for watching this drama too late but also I am very happy. I can repeat it over ten times without getting tired. Gosh-chan am in love with you.

Lee Dae Hae are sharing a great chemistry on screen. Yoo Rin character is really hard to find on other dramas, Still can’t get over watching this. I love it so much . Its very interesting, My favourite drama, I love it so much. 3times and never ever fed up of it. Cool acting,lovely music and wow no words to explain. Lee Dong Wook acting is best. My first drama, I’ve watched meanwhile many, many Korean Drama but this is still the best in my list. I remember when I was young my mum’s cousin would watch this on the big screen tv but dubbed in Chinese.

i love my beautiful girl