I love life style

Click to Run the downloaded file. By clicking to run this downloaded file you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement. Ten Questions About Life, Answered Rapid-Fire Style! I spent many an hour going back through my old posts and tagging them. It wasn’t the most thrilling task, but it had its advantages: re-reading seven years worth of material was like going back through an old journal. I had forgotten how many advice posts I used to write, especially back in the beginning. I was really inspired by that, so I took it to Facebook. I’m gonna do a blog post answering your questions about anything — love, careers, travel, magic, blogging, style, beauty — rapid-fire style.

Below are a handful of questions, answered with as much brevity as I could muster! I want to know how you stay organised with all your fantastic stuff in a small apartment! The most important thing for me is making sure everything has its place. I keep all my jewellery in one particular area, etc. I stack them on top of one another. 10 storage container which is essentially my off-season closet! It has a huge double rolling rack, two pink storage trunks, and dozens of shoe boxes. If I tried to squeeze all of that stuff into our apartment, it would be like living in an episode of Hoarders! I try to tame my sartorial obsession as much as I can. Over the last year or so, I have started to institute a policy of cleaning out my closet before I go out and get anything new.

How can I maximize my income from home? Start thinking of yourself as a business owner rather than an artist. Andy Warhol said that making money was the best art, so channel him and consider how you could shift from paint to profits! Learning how to extract an income from the thing you love can be tricky, but my advice would be to look at other successful artists you know and learn from their triumphs and mistakes. Molly Crabapple is a superb example of a smart, savvy artist who works extremely hard but also manages to generate a good living. Also, take some time to set some goals and decide what your definition of success actually is. This will prevent you from getting discouraged six months down the road! Are you a day writer, night writer? What makes you tick as a writer? I have a couple of mental windows during my day when the ideas flow thick and fast: at the crack o’ dawn and in the evening.

They last a few hours each. I always take advantage of the first window, and do the bulk of my writing between 7am and noon. As for the second, I really only write at night if my husband isn’t around. When I lived by myself, I definitely wrote more! Blogcademy tote bag and go to a nearby coffee shop. I like to drink yerba mate tea with almond milk while I write, pausing to swirl the milk while I think. Sometimes I spritz the air with an essential oil spray of peppermint and sweet orange to help me focus. Having said that, as an international playgirl who spends a massive amount of time in hotel rooms, strange apartments and on planes, I have learned not to be precious about it, and to write wherever and whenever I can. I see it as a gift, actually: being in an unfamiliar environment invigorates and inspires me like mad.

How do you decide what you want to do with your life? It might be a silly question but I’m currently struggling with this. Maria, this is such a huge question, and you could easily spend your entire lifetime trying to answer it. In fact, many people do, and I think we get hung up on the idea of trying to find our purpose, rather than simply living life and enjoying it. I believe you will never find your life purpose if you’re not having fun or filling your life up with love. It’s common to think that your purpose will be something grand and groundbreaking, but it may not be. Maybe the reason you’re here is to be a really wonderful friend, maybe it’s to express yourself through dance, and perhaps it’s to inspire others. You don’t have to cure cancer to live a rich and fulfilling life.

i love life style