I just hate to love you

i just hate to love you

What does this song mean to you? Can I not like you for awhile? Song Discussions is protected by U. What does this song mean to you? This is Gnash’s summary of his hit single about the roughest part of a breakup: getting over it. Tour Update : gnash is having a sleepover – and you’re invited! Do you miss me like I miss you? You ever wonder what we could have been? Song Discussions is protected by U.

Getting healthy always sounds like a great idea, but the whole eating clean and exercising daily can seriously get in the way. Netflix binge sounds better than burpees. But we’re also big fans of a life that feels good in a body that feels even better. Hydrate like woah Drinking water is one of the laziest ways to stay healthy, so we’re all about it. It helps with digestion, makes your skin vibrant, increases energy, rids toxins, prevents headaches, and the list goes on. Try keeping a Swell bottle or something equivalent on your desk and see how many times you can fill it up each day. Do we hear a little office competition brewing? If you hate the taste of plain ol’ H20, make your own spa water with a little lemon, mint, and cucumber. Meatless Monday We’re not going to tell you to forfeit easy chicken dinners or a cheeseburger splurge, but limiting your meat consumption is another simple way to get healthier.

Make Mondays the day to make a veggie chili, a big hearty salad with quinoa as your protein, or quesadillas full of healthy vegetables. See how creative you can get, and who knows — you might pick up a few new nutritional recipes along the way. Class Club If you were never a book club gal, embrace the workout club or the class club. Get a group of friends together and give every person the chance to pick a new workout class for the month. Not only is this introducing your body to new movement, which is a healthy challenge, but you might find something you’re actually intrigued by. Plus, it’s just a fun way to see friends while staying committed to moving your body. Walk and talk Not getting in your 10,000 steps a day? Or start taking all your calls from your feet. Who said you have to be sitting down to gossip about The Bachelor anyways?

Walking to brunch counts, people, just get those steps in one way or the other! Instead of serving yourself an entire serving size of whatever you’re eating — or the size that you’re used to — cut it in half. Leave the other half in the fridge or wherever it belongs, and tell yourself you can go back for it 30 minutes after eating the first serving. Chances are, you’ll start going back for that other half a lot less often. Without changing your diet, you’ll slowly begin to realize exactly how much you’re consuming everyday, and this practice will naturally highlight the bad habits. Shocker: The 3pm handful of candy is likely one of them! Getting more mindful about exactly what you’re putting into your body is an almost painless way of getting your health on track. Learn to love smoothies Smoothies are a crazy fast way to pack in a bunch of nutrients, so get on board! Especially if you’re not the best at eating greens otherwise, mixing in spinach hides the flavor while still giving you the nutrients. 4 avocado in small containers or bags.

Just grab in the AM and blend with almond milk or coconut water! You can eventually up the wellness with healthy supplements like collagen, flax, chia seeds, etc. Just remember, a smoothie should generally be a meal replacement — not a snack. Small substitutions Cutting out your favorite food entirely is a sure way to end up binging on said food come Friday night. Instead, we’re all about substitutions where we don’t really notice. Try using unrefined coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar when baking. Sip on flavored sparking water instead of soda. Think of the foods that you use out of habit, and research healthier options that you’ll hardly notice. Also, pro tip for any Wendy Frosty lovers out there!