I fallen in love with someone

i fallen in love with someone

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you? Song Discussions is protected by U. Heaven and unto the Earth in rebellion against the Creator. With this belief, it is also taught that fallen angels now rule the earth realm as evil, angelic principalities and powers. We prefer a metaphysical view of fallen angels and what they can be in our lives. Let’s look at some different interpretations to consider. Fallen Angels As Demons Some teachings equate fallen angels with being demons who roam the Earth looking to inflict harm upon mankind.

But these incorrect teachings about fallen angels, demons, devils, Satan, Lucifer and the like have evolved over time into the fearful beliefs many believe, today. And, the original, freeing messages became lost. Angels are messengers, and fallen angels are messengers whose message is unenlightened. When one speaks spiritual truth or, better yet, expresses love and compassion toward another person, this is an enlightened message – words and actions that emanate from the core of one’s being. Fallen Angels As Lost Spirits In contrast, fallen angels are messengers whose message does not come from a heart of love but is truly an expression of fear. They represent, symbolically, at the highest level, us: people. The mind can produce thoughts of past and future, fear and failure, condemnation and guilt. Such thoughts are of a lower state, the meaning behind the word ‘fallen. These thoughts are energy, or spirit, and are debased, keeping us in constructs of the mind.

In other words, they cause us to suffer. The thoughts, then, may also be viewed as lost spirits, fallen angels. We could say that most of us are fallen angels, for we appear to be lost people too caught up in our earthly experience. Few of us seem fully conscious. Our actions on the planet seem to indicate we are highly unconscious. Ghosts: The Forgotten Fallen Angels Let’s take the idea of fallen angels – tortured people, anguished thinking and punishing thoughts a bit further. What if a suffering soul were to die? Would the person still be lost and experience emotional pain? Death is not the savior some may think it to be. Let’s consider that negative entities, evil ghosts, are earthbound spirits of humans that are suffering.

These spirits, still ‘fallen angels,’ interact with those of us in bodies, sometimes communicating their messages to us. Often, the ghost messages are of their own fears – not something one would want to rely upon as wisdom. People, even ghosts, tend to interpret the world and others through their own inner struggles. A spirit remains here with the living for numerous reasons. Perhaps the person has unfinished business, or maybe the person feels compelled to deliver a parting message to someone. For whatever reason a disembodied spirit remains attached to this realm, ultimately it is due to fear and a strong identification with this world of forms. This fear and attachment paralyzes the person, suspending them in a state of mental anguish – hell. If we receive messages from others who are of an unstable state of mind, would you expect it to be enlightened? Would it be truth for you or me? The Resurrection of Fallen Angels The use of the word fallen is a reminder of who we truly are, something much greater than we think.

Do you believe that you are feeble, lost and alone? That is mind talk, fallen messengers, lowly thoughts and thinking. To move beyond the mind trap, we only need to step back behind our thoughts and be aware. Heaven is another word used to label the greater force behind everything that is, for Spirit, and it conveys the idea of higher elevation – a higher place. When we are at peace, and living our lives through love and truth, we are indeed in a higher position. Upon death of the physical body, it is said that the spirit is free and normally gravitates toward light, continuing the life-journey in a higher state. The light can be our cleansing process after death of the form.

i fallen in love with someone