How to make love like englishman

how to make love like englishman

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you? Song Discussions is protected by U. Do not reproduce, respect the copyrights. A Burzum Story: Part I – The Origin And Meaning Since this is a Burzum website I believe I may expect You to have an interest in Burzum, so I will tell You some things about Burzum that has not been told before. All bands have an origin, a beginning and a reason they exist. So I will begin by telling You why Burzum came to be, and will also tell You why it turned out the way it did. In 1988 or 1989, when I had played the guitar for a year or two, I formed a band called Kalashnikov with two other guys.

We called the band Kalashnikov amongst other things because that was the name of my favourite assault rifle. In my teenage interpretation I pretty much saw the Hobbits as children or simply boring. The dwarves reminded me too much of greedy capitalist-pigs and they too were pretty boring. Their rules were cool and Moria was a wonderful place, but I disliked their greed vehemently – and who wants to be short anyhow? The elves were fascinating, beautiful and especially their immortality and closeness to nature was cool, but they were kind of dull and they fought for the wrong side. He had turned Óðinn into Sauron and my Pagan forefathers into the fighting Uruk-Hai. However, he had not only used the Vikings and the Norse language to create the orcs and their language. Orc” is a Gaelic word that to my knowledge translates as “boar”. The warrior cults of the native tribes on the British Isles probably used boars the same way as the Scandinavian warrior cults of the berserkers and werewolves used bears and wolves.

Now, it is no surprise that a Catholic Englishman like Tolkien used, amongst others, “mad, red-haired, claymore-wielding Scottish barbarians” and “furious, church-burning Scandinavian berserkers” as models for some of the bad guys, and because he did I felt more drawn to these bad guys than to the good guys. I had little in common with “Christian” characters like the “English” riders of Rohan or the “French” people of Gondor. I had little admiration for a “Saint” like Aragon. The drummer and the bassist of Uruk-Hai were people I had met more or less by accident. 12-15 years old, and he had placed a loaded . I had actually not called him, but his friend, a “fatso”, and told him that – and that was it. Then in 1989 I met the guys in Old Funeral, who were excellent and serious musicians, and we dropped the whole Uruk-Hai project. The two other Uruk-Hai members were already fighting over a girl, and we had stopped rehearsing, so it was not hard to put Uruk-Hai to rest.

I played with Old Funeral for two years, and in that time Old Funeral had turned from a really cool Techno-Thrash band to a boring Death Metal band. You might have noticed the silly name: Old Funeral. In their defense I must say that I think they were originally called just Funeral. Then they found out that another band was called Funeral too, but they had used that name before the other Funeral band, so they changed it to Old Funeral. They were in other words “the old Funeral”, and not Old Funeral, so it is not as stupid as it first seems. Instead of starting up the Uruk-Hai project again, I changed the name and decided to do everything myself, although I used some riffs from Uruk-Hai. I did not want to play live and my motives for playing music was very different from the traditional “rock’n’roll” motivation.

While playing in Old Funeral I had kept my interest for RPGs and was still heavily inspired by the magic of fantasy. Like I said, when the Christians called the gods of my forefathers “demons”, “trolls”, “goblins” and not least “evil”, I naturally felt attracted to everything that was seen as “evil” by the Christians. This is a slightly immature reaction, perhaps, but I was only a teenager, so I have no problems with that. I still had this attitude in 1991, and Uruk-Hai was an excellent name, but I felt that I was starting all over again, so I needed a new name too. English names, like Immortal, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Destruction, Celtic Frost, Enslaved, Pestilence, Paradise Lost, Morbid Angel, Death, and so forth. I didn’t want that, and that was one of the reasons I chose the Uruk-Hai and later Burzum name. At the time – before the release of “The Lord Of The Rings” films by Peter Jackson, I may add – its meaning was pretty much solis sacerdotibus. Only initiates, so to speak, knew what it meant. The idea with Burzum was not only to make original and personal music, but also to create something new – a “darkness” in a far too “light”, safe and boring world.

how to make love like englishman

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