Give me your hand love

What does this song mean to you? Baby I just don’t get it, do you enjoy being hurt? So can we make this thing ours? Song Discussions is protected by U. What does this song mean to you? Timothy Clayton, Nelly Kim Furtado, Timothy Z. Is it going is it going is it going is it going? I don’t think you came in clear.

Sitting on the top it’s hard to hear you from way up here. I saw you tryin to act cute on tv just let me clear the air. Damn that’s right, you wasn’t there. If sexy never left, then why’s everybody on my shi it it? Don’t hate on me just because you didn’t come up with it. Song Discussions is protected by U. The story begins when they are little kids.

Mayu, whose father is a doctor, meets Takuma, who is hospitalized in her father’s workplace. They develop feelings for each other, but Mayu learns of Takuma’s grave illness and that he will die before he turns 20. The distraught children make one promise for an uncertain future. Time passes, and the girl becomes a young woman, and the boy, a young man. Mayu continues to support and love Takuma. On the other hand, Takuma, who knows his days are numbered, pushes away his feelings for Mayu and distances himself from her. He cannot stand to see her cry or hurt her more than he already has. Then Mayu meets another man who has feelings for her, and Takuma meets a woman who has the same illness, and their feelings for each other begin to waver.

What will become of their love while the clock keeps ticking away in Takuma’s life? Takuma wanted to break up with Mayu because it is painful for him to see Mayu cries. And Mayu’s feeling didn’t changed even if Takuma broke up with her. When Kou asked her to date with him, she answered “I like Takuma than anybody else”. I so much want one right now. Otherwise its a soft, touching emotional dramatic film worth watching. I also recommend “From Me To You”. But if we see our real life no take care this much.

So by thingking this its hurts my heart. By the way it is a good movie. As normal girls would do I got my sweat pants on and got my ice cream and started watching this because I thought it was those romantic movies where everything ends perfectly. Since my mom and I went to our local movie rental place and I saw this. I’ve never been in a relationship before, i’m already 25 but after watching this i don’t think i can’t handle loving someone this much. I love this movie although the ending was sad. I love both couples Masaki Okada and Mao Inoue.

give me your hand love

give me your hand love