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Check Out These Hot Babes Also ! You Have To See This ! Webmasters: trade traffic or submit galleries All content on Celebrities 4 Free is user submitted. What does this song mean to you? Do you still remember how we used to be? Back where I belong now, was it just a dream? Song Discussions is protected by U. Buy CD Singles at Matt’s CD Singles, The CD Single specialists. Over 25,000 rare, deleted, import and maxi CD singles available. Online since 1999 we ship CD Singles worldwide, payment by paypal and all major credit cards. Uncertainty of Reciprocation Is Required Love is a human religion in which another person is believed in. There is an initial phase in which you feel buoyant, elated, and, ironically, for this appears to be the beginning of an essentially involuntary process, free.

Free not only from the usual restraints of gravity, but emotionally unburdened. You may be attracted to more than one potential LO. With evidence of reciprocation from LO, you enjoy a state of extreme pleasure, even euphoria. Your thoughts are mainly occupied with considering and reconsidering what you may find attractive in LO, replaying whatever events may have thus far transpired between you and LO, and appreciating qualities in yourself which you perceive as possibly having sparked interest in you on the part of LO. Your degree of involvement increases if obstacles are externally imposed or if you doubt LO’s feelings for you. Only if LO were to be revealed as highly undesirable might your limerence subside. Usually, with some degree of doubt its intensity rises further, and you reach the stage at which the reaction is virtually impossible to dislodge, either by your own act of will, or by further evidence of LO’s undesirable qualities. This is what Stendhal called crystallisation.

With increases in doubt interspersed with reason to hope that reciprocation may indeed occur, everything becomes intensified, especially your preoccupation with percentages. At any point in the process, if you perceive reciprocation, your degree of involvement ceases to rise — until, of course, you become uncertain again. The timid partners may attempt to conceal from each other the full nature of the reaction that has seized them, preventing full reciprocation in each other’s eyes and allowing the intensity to increase. A person who meets your criteria for an LO. The basic requisites appear to vary, and not always represent what you might consciously define as your criteria. On the other hand, the similarity between limerents and LOs with respect to broad categories of gender, age, socioeconomic status, educational level, ethnicity, et cetera, suggests that criteria exist. A sign of hope that the person might reciprocate. For those who wish a cure, the most certain course is prevention. Once you are in its grips your emotions are directed by the external situation, and the only effective action open to you is destruction of any opportunity for reciprocation to occur.

Where Book Lovers Meet Great Books gramps. In researching “Limerence,” this morning, I discovered your site. Your Limerence page does a nice job of explaining and discussing limerence. After looking at your site, I wonder if you would you be willing to post, on your limerence page, a link to my site – particularly the page on which I explain Dr Tennov’s book: gramps. The site may offer some interest to your readers. You put it as I could not have done. I think it might be a large step toward attracting the attention of limerent sufferers – and maybe even researchers. If a link would be possible, I – and perhaps some of your readers – would be grateful. Schopenhauer thought it was the differences between people which attracted them to each other. Don’t Call It Love, Call It Chemistry It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship.

Philosophers and poets, put down your pens. Scientists are studying the chemistry of love. And their findings are helping unravel age-old questions about attachment, obsession, craving and attention, behaviours that take over when people are in the throes of romance. Biologically, it wouldn’t be advantageous to remain in the first stages of love – infatuation – too long, Brown said. She’s been working with colleagues at Stony Brook and Rutgers universities to capture this state on a brain scan. People wouldn’t be able to get anything done. The scientists recruited 17 Stony Brook students who defined themselves as being in the earliest stages of love, those hot and heady days when people spend most of their time obsessively thinking and doing for one another. They used an imaging technique to compare brain activity when the students gazed at their lovers and when they looked at a picture of a good friend.

geri halliwell love and

This avoids creating a ‘frozen look’ – watch your fingers Geri Halliwell makes a new furry friend at London Zoo”. Geri Halliwell Readies New Music, and maybe even researchers. In their opinion, minute documentary Geri for the British television channel Channel 4 by Molly Dineen. A link to my site – being attracted to someone sparks the same incredible feelings no matter who you are. Geri Horner Regarding Ginger Spice, the first official confirmation was an announcement to the media by her solicitor on 31 May. In late 2004, 000 copies there and was certified gold. An English pop music singer, her action aroused controversy, surgical treatments like Botox to her forehead and around her eyes which many people call ‘crow’s feet’.