Fell in love with london

fell in love with london

Magik Orchestra Live in Chicago CD is available FREE with most purchases here at caldoverderecords. There are a few items that do not include the EP. Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, February 2018 through August 2018. LIMITED CDs available November 1, 2018. Sun Kil Moon’s November 2017 European tour.

The album was recorded November 18, 2017 at TAPF Studio in Copenhagen and December 7, 8, 9, 2017 at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. Music by Tony Scherr, Ben Boye, and Ramon Fermin. Founded around eighteen months ago—and based between London, Belgium and New York—Hotel is a publication, both online and in print, run by a volunteer editorial collective. Collaborators are offered total freedom to present work as they see fit rather than as within the remit of editorial mandate or curatorial consensus. We look for editorial accidents in Hotel, building each issue around the ways in which each of the inhabitants speaks to their various neighbors, and let the work speak for itself. Hotel, numbers a series of poetic fragments—at turns essayistic and anecdotal—alongside short stories, prose-poems, and conversations that shift in focus from the bible to bible-burning—from the bedroom to bathroom—from the cinema to the shores of Lake Tahoe. Each piece a variation on some kind of blue, each piece harboring some kind of blue intimation. Recorded at Mark Hopkins Hotel, Seal Rock Inn, Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco May 11, 2017 through January 26th, 2018. All music by Mark Kozelek except drums on ‘Sublime’ by Steve Shelley. Recorded and mixed in San Francisco February through June of 2017.

On October 1st, stream the album plus Tony Visconti discusses the album with Mark Kozelek at www. Recorded in USA December 2016 through May 2017. Guests musicians include Holly Throsby, Will Oldham, and drummers Steve Shelley and Jim White. 4-Piece Set Vinyl – Limited Edition. Sun Kil Moon album 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth – April 27th at www. Sun Kil Moon – 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth. FREE CD with all purchases direct at caldoverderecords. Famous Blue Raincoat’ written by Leonard Cohen. Kath Bloom’s 19th album, was recorded over the last 5 winters in Los Angeles with friends. In true method fashion Kath slept in the studio that the recording took place.

The album features guests Avi Buffalo, Imaad Wasif and Mark Kozelek. Kath began playing music in a graveyard with Loren Connors in the 1980s and it took nearly 40 years for her to cultivate the passion to perform that she currently revels in. Kath’s songs have been covered by Devendra Banhart, Mick Turner of Dirty Three, Mark Kozelek, and Meg Baird, among others. How Can I Make It Up To You? Recorded in UK, Europe, USA March through November 2016. Recorded and mixed February through August 2016 in San Francisco and Hoboken. Mark Kozelek with Steve Shelley on drums. The album will be available digitally and on CD.

All preorders will ship approximately 2 weeks before street date. Mark Kozelek sings a few of his favorite songs, plus favorites of friends and loved ones. The album includes covers of 10CC, Waylon Jennings, Modest Mouse, Bob Seger, and more. Guest singers include Mike Patton, Mimi Parker, Minnie Driver, Will Oldham and Rachel Goswell. The album will be available on CD and digitally and will stream 1 week before the release date at www. All CD orders direct at caldoverderecords. Down In the Willow Garden” EP. Isaac Brock, Will Oldham and others. The album will be released on CD and digitally January 22.

fell in love with london