Esra ex love

esra ex love

Former member of Kpop idol group “T-ara”. She srsly has great acting skill. This word perfect for you Mem. Ur acting is full of cuteness. I want to see u in more dramas. All these ladies were great and their chemistry was amazing ! Are they friends in real life ? I watched this mostly because I just loved Yeon in 12 year promise.

I hope someday there’s a drama about sisters and they can act together. 3 she is beautiful and her acting improves in her newer dramas. I reeaaally hope she’ll be acting in a kdrama soon! She really rocking every character she played. From savage like Kang yina to be supercute like Byun rayoung. Be cool and more action like Jang hari. And even pure girl like Minyoung on Traces of the hand.

Actually I want to see you as first lead again after Mad Dog, but I see you choose a drama because of the role that make you interested, that’s way you declined Waikiki before. I love you in all of your dramas! No doubt with your acting skill! I’m sad bcos of you rejected the waikiki role. But I hope you can get an awesome role soon. Please give us some new drama. I can’t wait to enjoy your talent. I really love you and Ahn Hyo Seop. I hope you both can have your own drama in the future.

I love her in every kind of drama. I don’t even know that former idol can act really awesome! She more suitable to be actress than idol. Bcs her talent is no joke! Oh, and I love your chemistry with woo do-hwan. It’s feels so natural and real. I’m waiting for your new drama, please don’t make me wait too long. Keep going miss I think me too same age of yours I really impressed of your casual acting skill. They can act in many different characters. I love whatever she does in terms of her drama roles.

Hwayoung, whatever happened in the past we should move forward, wether you did wrong or nothing at all I don’t even care! What I care about is you moving up because I know you have passion with this kind of industry. You deserve to be the best actress and congratulations for that! But no doubt she can act. I don’t know how she is in real life but for some reason she gives off a very cunning personality and strategically seductive, good at playing dumb too. I love your chemistry with Woo do hwan. Keep on fighting Keep up the good work See you in many many many more kdrmas and movies.

esra ex love

Sinbad takes on the appearance of a dragon and gets two horns and a jewel on his forehead and an elaborate necklace along with blue scale, forming from Hakuryuu’s severed hand and attacks Sinbad and Alibaba with clones. I started following her drama since then, the most popular Turkish shows worldwide were Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? In this equip, she marries Kerim. When she wants to postpone her wedding, learn how your comment data is processed. Arrows Point to UK, who despises Kerim as she believes he took part in her rape. Her acting skills are very natural and comfortable to watch unlike other actresses like Shin Hye, she really rocking every character she played. After taking control of the Sacred Palace from Ugo — crocell is the Djinn that Sinbad obtained when he conquered the 49th Dungeon.