Dream of your love

dream of your love

Conscious, New Paradigm Business Consulting with Dr. The purpose of this site is to act as a connector and communicator for Events, Radio Broadcasts, Sessions, and other activities, related to the path and mission of Dr. DREAM offers sessions in-person, on-the-road in 2018! DREAM is speaking or presenting, he can be booked for a session. Events have been selling-out, Get your tickets in advance! Subscribe to our newlsetter for the most updated information in your email box. For all of our EVENTS click here.

Click here for an interview with Lords of Consciousness. Click here for a TV interview with Dr. Weekly You may subscribe to our email list in the left column. Currently, Awake in the DREAM Radio is on hiatus. Click here to go to our EVENT information page. DREAM to come to Your Community? DREAM direct if You are seriousthere is a formula that can make it happen! Finally I am here, ready to share with you my experience of staying at Sina Centurion Palace in Venice. They always cheer up my mood, create new memories and leave me dreaming for the whole following week. I am already back to the French Riviera but my mind is still romantic remembering those dinners with a view on Venice canals.

Our hotel had gorgeous interior design. I have tried to capture the way my room looked like. A large terrace with a breathtaking view was a pleasant surprise. This time in Venice I understood how important is the choice of accommodation. It influences the whole impression of the city. Thanks to our stay in Sina Centurion Palace I fell in love with Venice. Waking up to a view of the Grand Canal and calmly having breakfast watching gondolas passing by – means truly experiencing Venice. The next part of our trip was dedicated to the most famous town of Cinque Terre: Manarola. The view on its multicoloured tiny houses is truly worth-seeing.

After the breakfast in our hotel in Masa we took the road through La Spezia to Manarola. Surrounded by palms, mountains and sea I was happy to take a passenger seat and enjoy window views. May happened to be really best time to visit Manarola. Today I am sharing with you the first part of the photos I took during our road trip to Cinque Terre. Since I have found out that these beautiful places are so close to where I live I could not wait too long to go there. Before the trip I had read numerous online articles advising not to take a car to Cinque Terre. Luckily we did not listen to them. I have a quick post for you today.

Sharing the shots from my day on Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. Wearing a simple and chic look. What do you think about the place? Today I am sharing an Outfit of the Day type of post with you. This outfit reflects my current mood so well. It gives me a special pleasure when I feel that sharing things on my channels shows another part of true me, my vibes and feelings. Pink is not just a colour, it’s an attitude and a view on life. One month of holidays is left for me. Long withering out a young man revenue. The pale companion is not for our pomp.

dream of your love

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