Do you love me hip hop

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Guy Tosses His Girlfriend’s Clothes Out And Pees On Them After He Caught Her Cheating! It Cannot Be: Woman Beats Her Man Up When He Gets Caught Dancing With A Tranny! I don’t want nobody taking anything from me no more. Jessie Woo approached Trina for some advice about the industry, but what they ended up talking about was much, much more emotional than that. While having a talk about the difficulties of making it in an industry that is predominately male, the ladies start talking about how male producers often expect their female artists to sleep with them. That is when Jessie decides to open up about her own experience. She tells Trina that she is was once raped at an industry event. She quickly dissolves into sobs as Trina holds her and tells her that she is okay. As a rape victim, you feel like you’re powerless.

You feel like you don’t matter. And for a long time I felt that knowing that, this person did that to me. If that’s what I have to do to sing, I don’t want to sing anymore. I don’t want nobody taking anything from me no more. We have to fix it as women. Jessie explains that she isn’t telling her story to make people feel like victims, but like victors. VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

What ever happened to Che Mack tho? Hip Hop, show us the intimate details of their lives, and then disappear. From Joe Budden and Tahiry, to O’Shea and Erica Dixon, these familiar faces may not appear on our TV screens right now but that doesn’t mean we aren’t wondering where they ended up. Check out some of your former favorites now and see how they’re living! Erika D has been out and about, living her best life with her son with Mendecees, Aasim. Joseline has been out here, slaying per usual. The Puerto Rican princess is still in the studio so we should plan on hearing something from her soon. Samantha has been getting to the money, continuing her career as an oral health specialist.

Lil’ Mendeecees is a basketball star with stellar grades. Samantha appears to be living a calm drama-free life and yes, Aasim and Lil’ Mendeecees are still the best of bros. She and Rose Burgandy are still going strong, flying private class to change the forecast. Lovely Mimi has been flourishing with her beautiful family and yes, she still makes hilarious Instagram videos. Her nail tech skills are still on point and if you’re looking for a laugh, you can always depend on her page. Since her split with Mimi, she goes by Chris Ali and has released a couple of dope tracks. Judging by all of the heart eyes under her Instagram comments, something tells us her dating life is lit. As we just mentioned, Cyn is happily in love with rapper boo Joe Budden, and gave birth to their first son.

do you love me hip hop

do you love me hip hop