Curtis richard love actually

curtis richard love actually

Like Four Weddings and a Funeral before it and Love Actually later, Notting Hill was another British rom-com hit written by Richard Curtis featuring Hugh Grant. RICHARD CURTIS GOT THE IDEA FOR THE FILM WHILE LYING IN BED ONE NIGHT. When I was lying sleepless at nights I would sometimes wonder what it would be like if I just turned up at my friends’ house, where I used to have dinner once a week, with the most famous person at that time, be it Madonna or whomever, ” Richard Curtis recalled. CURTIS LISTENED TO THE SAME SONG OVER AND OVER WHILE WRITING IT. ANNA SCOTT WAS NOT BASED ON JULIA ROBERTS. Curtis said Anna Scott was a hybrid of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Still, as far as Curtis, Hugh Grant, and director Roger Michell were concerned, Julia Roberts was the perfect choice for the part.

ROBERTS WASN’T IMPRESSED BY THE SYNOPSIS. When I sat to read , I did not have any great expectations,” Roberts admitted. I had been given a brief synopsis and it sounded unappealing. MIKE NEWELL SAID NO TO DIRECTING THIS ONE. Four Weddings and a Funeral director Mike Newell was offered the director’s chair on Notting Hill, but said no, as he felt he had “done a Notting Hill already. Grant walked around the set complaining that Roberts’ voice was “significantly lower” than his. At first, Grant’s voice was higher than usual because he was nervous. ROBERTS REALLY, REALLY HATED ONE LINE IN PARTICULAR.

They go to bed with Gilda, they wake up with me. To me, it was nails on a chalkboard. I don’t really believe any of that. Roger Michell wanted to shoot Anna’s big film premiere in London’s Leicester Square, but they were denied permission. THEY SHOT IT IN RICHARD CURTIS’ NEIGHBORHOOD. JULIA ROBERTS KEPT ADDING TO HER SALARY. Anna’s level of fame, asks her how much she made in her last movie, Roberts ad libbed the number.

Bonneville later asked Roberts why she kept changing the figure. I remember feeling ashamed when we were trying to cast Julia Roberts’s husband in Notting Hill and she pointed out that everyone on our list was at least 20 years older than her,” Curtis claimed. The reverse would never be true. GRANT’S BLUE DOOR IS CURTIS’S BLUE DOOR. The exterior to Will’s home—including the blue door—was once owned by Curtis. After the movie came out, the home’s new owners—annoyed by all of the fans who came to visit the location—painted the door black. After it was sold again, the door was painted back to blue. GRANT WAS CRITICAL OF ROBERTS’ KISSING BECAUSE OF HER LARGE MOUTH.

He said she had “such a large mouth” and “was aware of a faint echo as I was kissing her. THE ORIGINAL CUT WAS THREE AND A HALF HOURS LONG. Nearly 90 minutes were cut, and the theatrical version was two hours and four minutes long. THEY HAD TO DESTROY LA MARIÉE. It was a copy of Marc Chagall’s painting, but the producers had to agree to destroy the painting once filming was finished, to avoid the potential selling of a fake. Fans were surprised earlier this year to learn that a Love Actually sequel was actually, for real happening, and now it’s online for all to see. Richard Curtis reunited much of the cast of the now-classic Christmas film in support of Red Nose Day, an annual charity supporting children. The short aired in March in the U. As such, it’s now online for those who missed it.