Chain to love

chain to love

Manufacturing following into all aspects of Physical logistics i. Be reassured that you are in safe hands. We look forward to working with you. Strive Supply Chain Services Ltd is a limited company registeredin England No 08745109. Scary chain letters, emails and text messages to send to your friends. They feature the best cute, creepy, funny and disturbing stories about love, friendship, death and horror. We’ve got every chain letter you could possibly want right here. But just remember one thing: These emails and forwards are not real. They’re just fake, stupid and fun.

They were made up by kids to scare other kids, so don’t take them too seriously. They will all be crowding in the doorway, trying to kill me. Which one will get me first? I’m so scared will I die? I am scared to read it. I was murdered on December 25, 2017. My murderer has not been found.

I was murdered with a large butchers knife. If you don’t repost this to 12 people in 2 hours, At midnight I will stand at the side of you’re bed with a large and if you look into my eyes, I will slowly chop you’re head off. But, if you are 10 or under, you will be perfectly fine. The piks on this ,scare me a lot. They all scared me sooooo bad. Now every night I sleep with my makeshift crowbar. Hello my name is Rose Heart and you can’t stop reading or else I will rip your eyes out.

Now you see I once was normal but now I hide in your basement because I was brutally murdered down there. You want to here the story. You see when I was little I believed in ghosts and that crap. One night I went into the basement for a rope to tie up my dog. Now when I was down there I felt a cold wet hand grab my ankle to my horror there was nobody attached to it. I send these to my friends all the time! Can you please add more chain letters? I have some really scary ones. Their once was a girl named cindee. She was tweflth and she never did her chores.

One day her unhappy parents tricked her in to doing the dishes but in the sink they’re was a plugged on hare drier and she was electricuted and did die. Her soul was very angerd and she wanted to kill her parents but she didnt no theyr in hawayie so they lived the last 20 or so years and days of there lifes. Edward the nerd died becaus he thought it was fake an never spred the word. I was killed by bullies at school because i was acting doofy at playtime. One day Natasha and her mum were out for some shopping. Natasha was furious that her mum didn’t buy her a pair of shoes which were extremely expensive,in fact. While they were returning home,Natasha’s mum offered her an ice cream to cheer her up. Natasha desired to buy it so she asked her mum about it.

chain to love