Beyonce dangerously in love in

beyonce dangerously in love in

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The six-minute video is likely going to be considered one of the best of 2018, with The Carters and a troupe of dancers taking over the Louvre. Historically, it’s a predominately white space that primarily features white, male-created works of art. It’s a microcosm of history, which itself is mostly white, male, and heterosexual. Tradition and the Louvre go hand-in-hand, too, which means that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s presence is a total disruption from the beginning. The Carters standing next to some of the most famous works of art, including the Mona Lisa and Winged Victory of Samothrace, but we see that they are aligning themselves with it right out of the gate. So glad museums were invented for this moment. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are dressed simply, but powerfully. But even more of an echo of the painting is their expressions: a strong stare straight ahead, lips pressed together, shoulders back. But even more than that, they’re commenting on the beguiling and enticing space they occupy in our own culture.

I thought that photo of Bey and Jay next to the Mona Lisa couldn’t get any more iconic. The painting affirms that black women are worthy of being in artistic spaces, and in enduring imagery. Benoist’s painting and its subject deserve recognition. Implying triumph and power, the statue has endured over centuries, and The Carters imply just as much by once again standing in front of it, in perhaps a nod to their own triumph and the power they’ve achieved. That endowment of power to a female body is then emulated in the female bodies that stand before it in present day, through Beyoncé and her troupe of female dancers. All of these women come together and move as one being, with Beyoncé presiding over them all. Here, Beyoncé once again models herself as a Greek statue, this time the Venus de Milo.

However, in this shot she wears a nude bodysuit with wrapped hair, reframing both goddesses of beauty and victory as a black woman. This dismantles white-centric ideals of beauty. Then them both TOGETHER to in front of Venus de milo which is Aphrodite who is the goddess of love to show that their love is STRONG and blessed upon them by Aphrodite herself mhm pic. If we consider Napoleon’s role as a major coloniser in the early 19th century, particularly in Northern Africa, then Beyoncé’s placement in the shot is extra symbolic. Beyoncé standing underneath the place where Napoleon is seen crowning his wife in the painting is a symbolic retrieval of stolen power. What I especially like about this part of the video is that the painting itself depicts a disruption, Napoleon taking the Pope’s role from him and crowning Josephine himself. Beyoncé further disrupts this by taking on Josephine’s role as the one being crowned. The Intervention of the Sabine Women. Interestingly, we only see portions of the painting, never the entire artwork.

Beyoncé and her dancers’ freedom, calm, and enlightenment. Apeshit is The Intervention of the Sabine Women. The visual tells the powers that be to fuck off with their tradition, their preciously guarded history that has sought to erase non-white people from the history books, and their preconceived notions about how black bodies can be ornamental. They’ve used art to push back, to demand honour for the work they’ve contributed. The Carters’ use of art to make a statement is an announcement to the world that they’ve shaped culture as much as anything hanging on a gallery wall. The official site of the singer offers a biography, hit list, videos, photographs, news and events calendar. Fan Club Site includes rare videos, music, photos, and a great community of Beyonce fans.

beyonce dangerously in love in

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