Bachata and i love her

bachata and i love her

Jennifer Lopez, the first Latina actress to get paid over a million per movie as well as the first artist to have a number one movie and album in the same week! As a dancer, singer, and actress J. She is one of the biggest names in entertainment today! Lo, debuted at number one for two straight weeks and with her 2001 release Angel Eyes, she could be close to an Oscar nomination. Guadalupe Rodriguez Lopez, a kindergarten teacher, and David Lopez, a computer operator specialist. Lopez, Leslie and Lynda, her two other sisters, grew up listening to the rhythms of Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. After graduating from Preston High School, Lopez attended one semester at Baruch College in New York City studying law, but Jennifer’s first love was dancing. When she heard about scholarships to a dance school in Manhattan, she went for it. At the same time she was taking full time courses in Baruch and taking her dance classes.

TV series, In Living Color, showcasing her natural energy and talent. During the next two years she took on acting roles in TV’s South Central, Second Chances and Malibu Road and, in 1993, completed her television career with the TV movie Nurses On The Line: The Crash Of Flight 7. Her small screen career may have ended, but stardom was just beginning. Money Train in 1995, and Jack in 1996. Blood and Wine, Selena, Anaconda, and U Turn. Lopez showed herself to be a fine actor in the Selena role, but wasn’t acting when she paralleled the role of the popular singer in real life with her own music career. Her debut album, On The 6, went platinum within two months of its release.

Lopez was nominated for four MTV music awards and won the Billboard Pop Clip Of The Year award for the music video If You Had My Love. The public and critical recognition of the last year was tempered, recently, with some sordid front-page news. Although locked up for 14 hours, Lopez was released without being charged. Supportive followers gathered for her subsequent court appearance. Already Lopez has three movies upcoming in 2000 and 2001 — The Wedding Planner, Angel Eyes and The Cell. This talented entertainer has a solid fan base and credits in the tough worlds of pop music and Hollywood hits. Her off-camera troubles pale beside both her accomplishments and her potential.

On November 17, 2000, the date when her second album was supposed to drop in stores, was held back till January 23, 2001 and its title changed from A Passionate Journey to J. After the release of her new album and movie rumors of a split from Puff Daddy, currently P. Diddy, were still were around until P. Diddy officially announced that they were broken up on February 14, 2001. Through all the tough and rough times this multitalented artist, Jennifer Lopez has gone through, she is one of the biggest entertainers and idols of today. She’s currently rumored to be pregnant and engaged to Judd, and plans to wed have been made for September 2001. Lopez’s third single off her sophomore album, J. Lo, I’m Real Remix featuring rapper Ja Rule, premiered June 25, 2001 on MTV.

A new clothing line, appropriately named J. Lo by Jennifer Lopez, hit stores Fall 2001 and Jen’s next film Enough, was released on May 24 2002. Lo went back to her ‘roots’, Puerto Rico, to film a concert special for broadcast by NBC on November 20, 2001. Hit after hit, box office after box office, Jennifer Lopez cannot and will not be stopped. She’ll continue to ascend to the highest places in the entertainment industry, becoming one of the brightest shining stars. Welcome to Trena’s Studio, Halifax’s leading dance studio for Bachata, Salsa and Pole Dance Fitness. Trena’s passion and expertise lies in Bachata and Salsa dancing. She and her team want to invite you to take part in the fun, flare and experience they have to offer.